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Of the 2.2 million miles
of paved roads in the United States,
over 94% are surfaced with asphalt.

Pavewise was built on the belief that the asphalt industry–which impacts our lives each and every day–could operate more efficiently and effectively.

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How It Started

In his 10 years managing paving projects across the country, Bryce Wuori saw how the industry worked–and more importantly, how it didn’t. He watched as, project after project, time and money were lost due to mismanagement, weather, and other interruptions.

He began outlining processes to keep projects on-time and on-budget, working with crews to help identify inefficiencies, explain their effects on the overall project, and implement solutions.

After seeing the impact that these solutions had on his own crews, Wuori knew that they could revolutionize the industry–but in order to do so, he needed to get them in the hands of more people. He needed software.

Working with some of the nation’s leading software developers, Wuori created Pavewise: an intelligent construction software developed specifically for the asphalt industry.

By eliminating downtime and improving communication among teams, Pavewise is helping the asphalt industry build better roads, more efficiently.

Our Mission

By efficiently managing project variables and integrating paving solutions, Pavewise develops a strategy for success for every paving project.

Our Team

Bryce Wuori

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Brittany Wuori

Co-Founder &
Chief Operating Officer

Jase Kraft

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Motacek

Full Stack
Software Engineer

Steven Brown

Full Stack Developer

Ben Griep

Customer Success Manager

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