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Harness the Power of Hyper-Local Weather Data with GroundTruth.

GroundTruth is a lightweight, easy-to-use platform that allows you to see all of your hyper-local weather stations (HLWS) data across all of your projects.

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A hyperlocal weather station is a small-scale meteorological system that gathers precise and localized weather data for a specific area, aiding in various applications such as agriculture, urban planning, public safety, outdoor activities, and scientific research.

Why Groundtruth?

GroundTruth simplifies project management by automating SWPPPs, streamlining daily logs with solar-powered HLWS, tracking weather impacts, and scheduling compliance tasks efficiently.

Automate SWPPPs

Receive texts when a SWPPP inspection is required.

Streamline Daily Logs

HLWS are solar-powered with self-plunging rain gauges.

Track Weather Impacts

Log weather data automatically on your project calendar.

Schedule Compliance

Build an active diary of working and non-working days based on weather impacts and state specs.

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Get 100% on-site weather accuracy, automate SWPPPs, and ensure project compliance effortlessly with Pavewise’s GroundTruth system.

Discover Pavewise’s GroundTruth system with a consultation and demo. Schedule a chat and demo now.

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